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Apk Easy Tool 1.55 (64-bit)

Apk Easy Tool (64-bit)

Latest Version: Apk Easy Tool 1.55 (64-bit)
Requirements: Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64
Author / Product: evildog1 / Apk Easy Tool (64-bit)

Apk Easy Tool is an amazing Windows program that engages you to supervise, sign, consolidate or decompile your APK records for your phenomenal applications! Take a gander at now!

Features and Highlights


Decomile and assemble APK, DEX and JAR records, with SPACE, pictures and germany, danish, swedish, etc characters support. Can drop in the midst of action.


Checking and ZipAligning of APK/JAR reports. Can drop in the midst of movement.

Concentrate/Zip APK

Concentrate and pack APK with 7z Compression-level 0-9. Can drop in the midst of movement.

APK Infomation

Show APK infomation with image using aapt dump badging and association with Play Store.


Present your structure and regulate framework ways.

Log yield

View your logs to find bungles. Set date to see your past logs. Sided log yield is available for higher objectives with 1250 width or more.


Change choices of equipment, decompile, join, sign and zipalign. Choices: Java store, Apktool structure, apksigner adjustment, records, java way, Windows explorer blend, remeber window position and anything is possible from that point. All options and textboxes are saved as config.xml and will stack on dispatch. Quick options on guideline.


Drop APK, DEX, JAR records and Decompiled envelope on gets to perform exercises. Drop outside gets to pick/open as archive/coordinator.

Apktool.jar version assurance

Can change to various types of apktool.kar on options. Incorporate other apktool.jar in “Apktool” envelope.

Substitute ways

4 gets to open work libraries of decompiled APK, accumulated APK, expelled APK and zipped APK. Jumplist backup courses of action.

Windows voyager coordination

Do exercises by consummately tapping on APK record and pick the going with choices, decomile or gather APK, DEX, and JAR archives, Zipalign APK, Check modify, Sign. APK and Install APK.


Download .msi or pack record,

In case you download .msi, open it and basically present it. If you download minimal variation .zip, concentrate to the flexible drive you like to.

Dispatch APK Easy Tool 64 bit, record are subsequently set

Select the APK archive you have to work with or drop the APK to play out an action

You don’t need to pick APK and set the record in case you do migrate exercises.

Do some work and great karma!

Note: Requires .NET Framework and Java Runtime Environment.

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