ESET Mobile Security – 25% OFF

ESET Mobile Security for Android gives grant winning insurance to cell phones and tablets. It has worked in antispam, firewall and antitheft to guard your information wherever you are.

It joins the hearty discovery of our checking motor with cutting edge antispam and antitheft usefulness for constant assurance in a hurry.

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Secure your Android cell phone against pernicious applications, infections and physical robbery while saving execution and battery life. Get ESET Mobile Security for Android.

Customized illustrations and format are intended to supplement the client experience. The UI places you in complete order of your cell phone’s security. ESET Mobile Security runs easily out of sight while ensuring all your telephone put away and got to information and correspondence. Without backing you off.

Thus, ESET Mobile Security ensures everything put away or got to on your telephone. Improved Threat Protection, Anti-spam, Anti-Theft, and greater security includes now accessible for Android OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian cell phones.

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ESET Mobile Security Key Features:

Assurance from Threats. All applications, documents, envelopes and SD memory cards are constantly filtered for rising dangers. Counting shrouded records and procedures.

SMS and MMS Antispam. Characterize reliable contacts by means of adjustable dark or whitelist or basically square message traffic from obscure numbers.

Call Intercept. Square undesirable brings in the two bearings – approaching and active. This is an integral asset particularly appropriate for guardians to control their youngsters’ telephone bills.

Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager. Remain educated pretty much all fundamental telephone capacities. Counting battery life, free plate space, running procedures, Bluetooth and gadget perceivability. Make a move on the spot to diminish your hazard profile.

A few highlights are not accessible for tablets which don’t bolster calling and informing.

Anti-theft System:

Allows you to maintain control over phone-stored data even in the event of device loss or theft.
SIM Matching. In case of an unauthorized SIM card insertion, you are automatically notified by a text message containing the IMSI and telephone number. So you can locate the perpetrators.
Remote Lock. Allows you to block the phone remotely to prevent unauthorized access to your data.
GPS Localization. Locate your lost or stolen phone by a remote command.
Remote Wipe. Delete all phone-stored data remotely using an SMS command. Wipe clean all your contacts, messages and memory cards.

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