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SLAX 9.8.0 – Live Linux OS

Slax is a modern, portable, small and fast Linux operating system having a modular approach and exceptional design. Inspite the fact that it is small, Slax gives a wide collection of pre-installed software for daily use. It includes a well organized graphical user interface and handy recovery tools for any system administrator.

The modular approach provides the ability to include any other software in Slax easily. If you miss a certain text editor, networking tool or game, simply download a module with the software and copy it to Slax, you d not need to install or to configure.

Slax is a Live operating system based on Linux. Live means it runs from an external media without any need for permanent installation.

Slax boots from USB mass storage devices such as Flash Drive keys as well as from regular hard drives and CD/DVD discs. Simply plug your device in and boot from it. Entire Slax operating system resides in a single directory /slax/ on your device, making it easier to organize with your other data.

Slax provides FluxBox window manager already preconfigured for the most common tasks. Included is a Web browser chromium, Terminal emulator xterm and simple text editor leafpad and calculator qalculate. You can put Slax on wide range of different filesystems, including EXT (ext2, ext3, ext4), btrfs, and even FAT and NTFS.

When Slax is started from a read-only media such as CD/DVD, it keeps all system modifications in memory only, and all the modifications are lost when you reboot. On the other hand, if you run Slax from a writable device such as USB Flash Drive, it can store all changes there. So all your configurations and modifications are restored next time you boot, even if it is on a different computer. This feature is known as Persistent Changes and you can read more about it in a separate chapter.

DOWNLOAD Slax 9.8.0 ISO for 32-bit [en]

DOWNLOAD Slax 9.8.0 ISO for 64-bit [en]


Included Text-mode Utilities:

Archival utilities: such as gzip, bz2, cpio, tar, ARJ, ZIP, LHA, LZO, XZ
Disk utilities: as fdisk, gptdisk, parted, hdparm, sdparam, lvm2, mdadm
Hardware monitoring tools: like dmidecode, lm_sensors, smartctl, powertop
File system utilities: for ext2/3/4, btrfs, fat, ntfs, reiserfs, xfs, jfs
CD ripping/ burning software: such as cdparanoya, cdrdao, mkisofs
Utilities for CPU overclocking: like cpufreq-info and cpufreq-set
Data recovery tools: such as ddrescue, xfsdump, rsync, bpe
Networking tools: such as tcpdump, iptraf, iftop, mtr, nc, ftp, netwatch
Support Windows shares: by mounting with mount -t cifs
Wireless tools: such as iw, rfkill, wpa_supplicant
Other tools: like OpenSSH ssh server and client, screen, Midnight commander, and more.

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