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Sleipnir Browser 6.3.7

Sleipnir Browser

Latest Version: Sleipnir Browser 6.3.7
Requirements: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64
Author / Product: Fenrir & Co / Sleipnir Browser

The in the long run moved Web program Sleipnir is presented as of late on your PC. The Sleipnir you have been starting at as of late isn’t reached so you can keep using it after foundation. In addition, you can import bookmarks, history and more from past variations and various projects. Sleipnir is Free Internet Browser for PC!

Sleipnir Browser Features:

Speedy and solid Blink engine

It executes the Blink engine similarly used in Google Chrome, so it is overwhelmingly speedy and intense.

Chrome Function Extensibility

The rich limit extensibility of Google Chrome can be used the equal in Sleipnir. You should don’t delay to pick your favored Extensions.

Web Inspector

Web Inspector is a momentous Web improvement mechanical assembly. It can explore structure and substance in Web pages and change them.

Security and Privacy

Sleipnir realizes the Blink engine similarly used in Google Chrome, so it is overwhelmingly brisk and extreme.

Import in 10 sec

Import bookmarks and more from various projects like IE and Google Chrome, and start scrutinizing right away.

Incorporate Search Services

Interest fields from an arrangement of Web goals, for instance, Wikipedia and Amazon can be added to Sleipnir.

Coordinate Bookmarks

Coordinate bookmarks with Sleipnir on different devices, for instance, iPhone and iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

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